Frequently Asked Questions


Investors receive equity, or shares, in the businesses in which they invest.

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Investors recive all gurantees to have a safe investment as we ensure full legal procdure by our legal team like investment contracts , sharers record listing

kindly read our policy and risk disclosure

Value and number of equity shares requested is different from each project to another. some projects allowing crowdfunding starting by 1000$ unlike other projects which may need venture capitals more in value than crowdfunding

Entrepreneurs ?

Entrepreneurs can present their own projects through InvestGo, in addition to the assistance provided by the platform, such as feasibility studies, legal procdures and the necessary fund by InvestGo investors network.

InvestGo is currently operating in Arab Republic of Egypt under the provisions of Egyptian law

InvestGo accepts a wide range of projects in different fields as long these projects meet our eligibility criteria such as Creativity, profit margin, legal form and risk ratio

It is preferable for entrepreneurs to have their own companies. However InvestGo still accepting projects and startups at early stage provided that all legal procedures and limited corporation firm are finalized before transferring the fund raised through our platform

The fees are simple. You pay nothing to apply, and there are no upfront fees during introductory conversations

If a campaign is successful, InvestGo takes a success fee of 10 % of the amount raised.